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You won't have to pass a formal test to earn your Pass Plus certificate. Rather, you'll be assessed throughout the course.


Pass Plus usually involves about 5.5 hours of driving. Upon successful completion, you'll be sent your certificate.

Having trained several drivers in Hartlepool, we at Frank Smith Driving School know what you need to help you drive better, say on the motorway. Thus, we've made available a special driving course, designed to help you gain your Pass Plus.

Passing your driving test doesn't necessarily mean you're ready for the open road. For this reason, there is Pass Plus, which prepares you to drive in most conditions. A Pass Plus certificate also improves your chances of getting a discount on your insurance.

Get your Pass Plus certificate today.

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What you should know about Pass Plus

•  Motorway driving

•  Night driving

•  Driving in town

•  Driving on rural roads

•  Driving in all types of weather

•  Driving on dual carriageways

Earn your pass plus certificate in Hartlepool

What does Pass Plus  cover?

Gain more confidence behind the wheel